A simple test

Download the following JARs and put them on your test classpath: 

		package testexample;

		import org.junit.Test;
		import org.junit.Assert.*;
		import junit.framework.*;

		public class Testexample {
		    public static void main(String[] args) {
			new Junittest().testConcatenate();

		class MyClass {
		    public String concatenate(String a, String b) {
			return a + b;

		class Junittest extends TestCase {

		    public static void testConcatenate() {
			MyClass m = new MyClass();
			String result = m.concatenate("ab", "cd");
			assertEquals("abcd", result);
			System.out.println("test pass");
			    // If the two values are equal, nothing happens. 
			    // The assertEquals() method returns normally. 
			    // If the two values are not equal, 
                            // an exception is thrown, and the test method stops executing here. 
			assertEquals("abcdx", result);
			    // Exception thrown