Hello World

1) Download the Android SDK (software development kit)

2) Hello World example
  New > New Android Application
	My First App

3) First app
File > New > Project ... Android Application Project (Minimum Required SDK: Api 8 - Samsung Gallaxy S)

4) Create Avd

	Eclipse > Window > AVD manager > New
		Name: Galaxy_Nexus_v15
		Size: 9

5) Run on the Emulator

           - Lanch AVD from the toolbar (Android Virtual Device Manager)
           - New / Snapshot / Start
           - Run / Run Configuration
               - Launch: Select, Target, Not in Background

6) Run on a Real Device
	a) Ensure that USB debugging is enabled in the device Settings (Applications > Development)
	b) Connect your Android-powered device to your computer's USB port. 
	Windows will detect the device and launch the Hardware Update Wizard. 
	c) Click Browse and locate the USB driver folder. 
	(The Google USB Driver is located in <sdk>extrasgoogleusb_driver)
	Manual driver installation (android usb driver samsung gallaxy s)